Visit Bevis Marks

Situated in the City of London just off the ancient thoroughfare of Bevis Marks, the synagogue, which was opened in 1701, stands in a secluded courtyard approached through a stone archway with wrought-iron gates. Carved in Hebrew above the entrance is, “Kahal Kadosh Shaar Asamaim” meaning “Holy Congregation The Gates of Heaven” and expresses gratitude for the safe refuge established by the first Sephardim in the City of London. The courtyard is a place of serenity, now surrounded by office buildings, where once stood the congregation’s school, almshouse and orphanage. The Synagogue is a Grade I listed building and is the only synagogue in Europe that has held regular services continuously for over 300 years.

Updated January 2024: We also welcome visitors to spend Shabbat at Bevis Marks, to find out more about this click here.

Due to building work, the synagogue is temporarily closed to visitors and tour groups.
We hope to welcome visitors and tour groups later in 2024 and this page will be updated then.