Sephardi music

Liturgical Music of Shaar Hashamayim, London

Recordings of the liturgical music of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London. The S&P Sephardi Community of London – “Kahal Kadosh Shaar Hashamayim” – was established in 1656 and is the oldest Jewish community in the British Isles.

This site is devoted to the Kahal’s rich musical tradition and consists of the following areas: (Please click to listen recordings in each part)


An archive of the cantorial repertoire of the congregation  in almost all its entirety ; those parts of the service led by the “hazzan” (reader). Recordings by Revd. Halfon Benarroch.

An archive of recordings of the Shabbat Torah readings.

An archive of recordings of the haftara (readings from the Prophets) for Shabbat and special occasions with accompanying blessings.

Congregational Melodies
A site being developed as an online resource of the congregational melodies, as sung by the choir and congregation during services.

Choral Performances
A developing archive of both recent and historical recordings featuring the choir

2004 Sephardi Celebration