Leave a lasting Legacy

Leaving a legacy to the Sephardi community will ensure that the 350 years of our community’s heritage is maintained and sustained to the highest standards. We need to continue to invest in our future by having a strong ecclesiastical team and programming activities as well as continuing to maintain our synagogue buildings many of which are in need of significant repairs.

We need to make sure our children and grandchildren learn the same values we received from our community to keep their identity in a challenging World. We need your support to build on the changes already implemented to allow for renewed growth and a sustainable development of our Sephardi Kahal.

Leaving a legacy is also an effective way to reduce the overall inheritance tax liability on your estate.

Due to the tax incentive for charitable giving granted by the government to those who contribute 10% or more of their estate to charity it can be surprisingly inexpensive to make a gift in ones Will. If you leave something to charity in your will, then it won’t count towards the value of your estate, which is everything you leave behind, minus any debts, and can eliminate or reduce Inheritance Tax. Plus if you leave at least 10% of your net estate after any exemptions have been taken into account to charity, this cuts the rate of any Inheritance Tax you do pay from 40% to 36% on some assets.

For more information on tax go to www.gov.uk.

For further information on creating a legacy including a gift to the S&P Sephardi Community in your Will please email [email protected] or view the legacy booklet here.