The S&P Sephardi Community Burial Society organises burials and tombstone consecrations in Sephardi sections of the Hoop Lane and Edgwarebury cemeteries. We organise, oversee and advise on the various processes that are required by both Jewish and English law at this difficult time.

Need to arrange a funeral?

During office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) please call Diana on 020 7481 7827

At all other times, including Shabbat, Jewish holidays and bank holidays, please call Calo’s Funeral Directors directly on 020 8958 2112.

Stone settings / Consecrations

During the year after a burial it is important to erect a headstone. We can help with organising this ceremony, so please call Diana on 020 7481 7827.

Burial scheme ‘ Hebra’

S&P Sephardi Community Burial scheme, or ‘Hebra’, is open to anyone aged 70 years or under. By paying into a scheme during your lifetime, you can avoid leaving your loved ones with a hefty bill for your funeral.

For any queries about Hebra, please contact Helen Doherty on [email protected] or call 020 7481 7843, Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Financial Support for Burials

If you are not covered by our Hebra scheme, you may be able to access upto £ 5,000 from The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). For more information, please call  0800 1469 0140 – then option 2..
The form can be completed over the phone or you can download the form at https://www.gov.uk/funeral-payments.

Our cemeteries

We have dedicated Sephardi sections of the Hoop Lane and Edgwarebury cemeteries. Our facilities at these cemeteries include:

  • Cemetery buildings including prayer halls, tahara facilities toilets.
  • Transport within the grounds subject to availability,
  • Outdoor hand washing facilities.

Note that the Burial Society has a strict ‘no gratuities’ policy although if people wish to donate toward the upkeep of the cemeteries, charity boxes are available at the cemeteries.

Edgwarebury Cemetrery now offers the option of having funerals and stone-settings live-streamed. Only the lectern at the front of the hall will be in the view of the camera. If you would like to take up this free facility, please let us know.

Opening times: 8am to 4.45pm on all days except Shabbat and festivals in the summer months. If you wish to visit on a Friday, please call ahead for closing times, especially during the winter.

Edgwarebury Cemetery

Edgwarebury Lane
Tel:020 8958 0090
Fax:020 8958 6345

Email:[email protected]
Website: www.edgwareburycemetery.org.uk

Nearest Tube: Edgware (Northern Line)
Parking: Onsite parking available.
Google Maps
Edgware Local Taxi numbers

Hoop Lane Cemetery

Hoop Lane
Golders Green
Tel:020 8455 2569

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Website: www.hooplanecemetery.org.uk

Nearest Tube: Golders Green (Northern Line)
Parking: No onsite parking, check for parking restrictions.
Google Maps
Golders Green Local Taxi numbers


For information about services provided by the cemeteries, for example tombstone maintenance and rose tree or bench dedication, please visit Edgwarebury Cemetery website | Hoop Lane Cemetery website.

Hoop Lane – 020 8455 2569 / [email protected] or [email protected]

Counselling and Helplines

The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service is a confidential counselling organisation available to people of all ages within the Jewish community.  Tel: 0208 951 3881 or see  www.jbcs.org.uk

Grief Encounter helping bereaved children, Their contact details are: 020 8446 7452. For further information go to: https://www.griefencounter.org.uk/

Paperweight Trust is the Jewish Community’s Advice Centre. They offer free services for all those needing guidance on legal, financial and welfare issues including filling in various paperwork. Tel: 0208 455 4996 or visit https://paperweight.org.uk/

Raphael –The Jewish counselling service, 0800 234 6236
Jewish Care, 020 8922 2222
Chai Cancer Care, 0808 808 4567
Jewish Helpline, 0800 652 9249
Jewish Blind and Disabled, 020 8371 6611
Jewish Deaf Association, 020 8446 0502, (text phone) 020 8446 4037
Chana, 020 8201 5774