Shaare Tikvah Classes

The Congregation’s Shaare Tikvah Classes run at Lauderdale Road Synagogue

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Sunday mornings 9:45 AM – 12:45 PM, Weekly

September – July

Exact calendar available upon request


Our school is divided into three segments:

Years 1 – 7: Primary Education 

Students begin their Jewish education in our academically sound Sunday classes. Our curriculum is structured to ensure that children progress in their studies from year to year. Students are challenged to excel in our warm and friendly environment. Our objective is to prepare and excite children in finding their place within the Jewish community, something we hope will continue into adulthood. Our studies include the traditional focus on the weekly Torah portion and Hebrew reading with sessions promoting a love of and interest in Israel; as well as these we hold workshops on the personal development of good character. On a similar note there are also visits to the S&P home for elderly people at Edinburgh House in Wembley.

Our school day consists of a variety of learning methods including formal modes of learning in our attractive classrooms and informal educational experiences such as group prayer with music and discussion and holiday events and parties. The programme also includes break times to encourage the development of social skills through friendships and bonding.

The curriculum includes the use of technology in our IT facilities. Computers are used to for several reasons such as encouraging students to explore their Judaism on the web, to develop Hebrew reading skills and to gain competence in creating presentations on various Jewish themes using PowerPoint.

The academic year reaches its climax with an Annual Awards Lunch.

Year 8: Sessions With R’ Dweck 

This fortnightly program is for students in year 8 around the age of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. They gather in the home of Rabbi Dweck to discuss the principals of Judaism while also enjoying breakfast. This relaxed and informal setting is ideal for the children after having a year of hard work preparing for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. These classes begin in October.

Years 9 – 10: GCSE 

This secondary school class prepares students to receive GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) credits. It is a two-year course of study with an educator trained in preparing students to find success within the different fields of study. Not only does this course help students to apply for University it also plays a crucial role in bridging a person’s understanding of Judaism from a childhood perspective to one which is more mature and sophisticated.


The anual tuition per child is £300 for members, £600 for non-members.


For more details please contact Headteacher Rabbi Shalom Morris at