The Sephardi Centre Music Fund exists to preserve and develop the musical heritage of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, London.

Our community has always taken pride in its musical heritage: we have a fantastic collection of tunes from which to draw on in our services, with special melodies existing for almost every occasion. And we have always been lucky to have an enthusiastic choir to bring these tunes, some of them centuries old, to life. But as we enter the 21st Century, it is vital that we preserve the rich musical heritage we have inherited, and continue to add to it, rather than allow it to fade into obscurity and risk it being forgotten.

With this in mind, the Sephardi Centre Music Fund has been established to undertake musical projects such as concerts, talks, discussions, and recordings. These projects will include reviving music that was lost and is still being lost; commissioning new music, (possibly including compositions by members of the congregation) and recording the music on CDs for future generations. We have also started to produce clear sheet music of our tunes in order to facilitate its performance.