Sale of Hametz

Mechirat Hametz – The Sale of Leaven

During Pesah one may neither eat nor have in one’s possession, nor benefit from any food or drink which comes under the category of Hametz. This includes anything made from, or mixed with, wheat, barley, oats, rye, spelt or flour which has been made from them.

A person who has Hametz left over and who does not wish to (or cannot) dispose of it before Pesah should ensure that its ownership is transferred to a non-Jew (who is, of course, not subject to the laws of Pesah) according to a procedure laid down in Jewish Law. All Hametz to be sold is locked away and the Sephardi Beth Din is authorised to arrange the sale.

It is preferable that the arrangement for the sale of Hametz be made personally with the Rabbi, but as this is not possible this year, you can fill in the online form here.


Sale of Hametz Form

Please ensure to complete the form by 10pm on Thursday 25th March 2021.