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The Sephardi Kashrut Authority (SKA) was originally set up to serve the Spanish and Portuguese community, but has since broadened its outlook.

The SKA concentrates on products, caterers and restaurants with which it has personal contact and input. Its main endeavour is to bring kashrut to the wider community.

The SKA works tirelessly to search out products and companies that will enhance the life of observant Jews. At the same time, standards of halacha and supervision are maintained by a Rabbinical team under the auspices of the Sephardi Beth Din. In this way, the SKA makes kashrut as affordable and accessible as possible.

The SKA is happy to work with others for the benefit of the whole Jewish community, regardless of affiliation.

Rosh Va’ad Hakashrut: Dayan Yossi David

Director of Operations: Rabbi David Neifeld

Board of Trustees:

Chair: Dr Elisha Kahen

Treasurer: Joel Silberstein

Arnold Aaron

Joe Bekhor

Julian Green

Robert Kandel

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Phone: 0207 481 7840

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