Service times


First Night: Monday 10th April 7:00pm Minha & Arbit followed by Communal Seder

Second Night Tuesday 11th April 8:00pm arbit, followed by Communal Seder

Friday 7:30pm Minha & Arbit

Day Seven 7:30pm Minha & Arbit

All Yom Tob morning services at 8:30am, Bank Holidays and Sunday of Hol Hamoed 9:00am

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Shabbat Services


Friday Night Service: 7:30pm (Followed by Kiddush)

Shabbat Morning Sevice:

Zemirot: 8.30am

Sepher: 10:15am

Kiddush 11:45am

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For more information email Maurice Bitton – or call 020 7621 1188.