06 Dec 2021

The London Faith & Belief Community Awards recognises Wembley Sephardi Community!

The London Faith & Belief Community Awards recognise Londoners who work to serve their communities and bring people from different backgrounds together. This year, 35 projects received awards. A further 51 projects were awarded a certificate of recognition.

This year Wembley Sephardi was nominated for an award. On 28th November 2021 they recieved a ‘certificate of recognition‘ for being one of the 51 recognised projects of 2021!

We wish Rabbi Berger and the Wembley Sephardi Community a big hearty Mazel Tob!
The awards were decided by a panel of judges including several Deputy Lord Lieutenants and were based on innovation, impact and inclusivity.

For a list of award winners and recognised projects click on the link: