17 Feb 2016

Introduction to Sefer Melachim

In this class, Rabbi Dweck discusses the decline of the Davidic dynasty of kings, explaining that it was caused by a misunderstanding of the role of the Jewish king. A king must rise from his brothers (as David did) and not be imposed artificially upon the people (as Shaul was), which is what the passuk “lebilti rum levavo me’ehav” means. This, explains the rabbi, is what lead to the eventual downfall of the kings of Yehuda – a misunderstanding of their role in B’nei Yisrael as leaders who come from the people.

This event was sponsored by Elaine & Bobby Dweck In Memory of Rabbi Ezra Labaton A”H.

Recorded on Monday Feb. 17th, 2015 at 8:45 PM in Congregation Hohma U’Mussar, Brooklyn, NY, 11223.