Toldot Adam

The various blessings and prayers said on solemn occasions during life.

Brit Mila: Circumcision and naming of a boy
Hymn sung at the start of the ceremony:
On Shabbat the following is then sung:
An alternative, Moroccan, melody for the Shabbat verses:
The Mohel says the blessing “Al Hamila”, and the father then says the blessings “Lehachniso” and Shehecheyanu”.
The congregation then say:
The mohel, hazzan, or other honoree then says the following blessings over a cup of wine:
The same person continues with the naming of the boy:
The service concludes with the chanting of Ps. 128, followed by Kadish Yehe Shelema.

Lizbad Habat: Naming ceremony for a girl

It is customary to bring the baby girl to the synagogue and open the ark.

Pidyon Haben: Redemption of a first-born son

Bar Mitzvah: Coming of age for a boy

The following prayer – composed by the late Haham Benjamin Artom – is said aloud by the boy before reading his portion of the weekly Perasha, at the Shabbat morning service.

Marriage Ceremony

Introduction to Grace After Meals at the wedding feast:

Al Hamikhya

Hanukat Habayit: Dedication of a new home

Hagomel: Blessing for a signal deliverance

Viduy: Confession and prayers on the death bed