Sabbath Shaharit 4

Continuation of Shabbat Shaharit recordings.
Announcing the mitzvot
At this point the reader announces the names of those who will open the ark, carry the sefer and so on.
Announcements for ordinary Sabbaths:
Announcements for Sabbaths when two sefarim (Torah scrolls) are read from:

Opening the Ark

The following is chanted as the ark is opened and the sefer taken out.
   This variant is used on special Shabbatot and on festivals

Carrying the Sefer to the Tebah
As the sefer is carried to the Tebah, the choir and congregation chant:
The sefer is opened and raised so everyone can see the script, and everyone chants “This is the Torah…”:
The hazzan says:

The Torah reading

The blessings recited before and after the reading of a portion, by the man called up:
   When one of the five books of the Torah is completed, the following is said:
When the person called up wishes to commemorate a “nahalah” (“yartzheit”) for a deceased relative, one of the following “Hashkaba” prayers is said by the reader.
   Hashkaba for a man
   Hashkaba for a distinguished rabbi and Hashkaba for a distinguished communal personality:
   Hashkaba for a married woman
   Hashkaba for an unmarried woman

The Haftara reading

After the Torah reading
While the Torah is being wrapped up after the reading, the following is said:
The prayer for the Queen and royal family
Prayer for Israel
Prayer for the Kahal
   On the Shabbat before Rosh Hodesh
   On the Shabbat preceding a fast (except Kippur, 9th Av and Fast of Esther)


As the Torah is prepared to be returned to the ark, the choir and congregation chant the following
The reader then says

Yimloch and Mizmor ledavid

There are two versions of this, generally chanted by a young boy and then repeated by choir and congregation
As the Torah is taken back to the ark, the following is sung to one of several tunes

The ark is closed

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