Sabbath Shaharit 2

Continuation of Shabbat Shaharit recordings.
The Shabbat Zemirot now continue on page 92 in the Daily and Occasional Prayer Book, with additional psalms that are not said on weekdays.
48_p96d_Ps_cxxxvi.mp3 (Hallel Hagadol)

   If Kaddish was not said earlier due to the lack of a minyan, it can be said now, preceeded by “R. Hannaniya”.

Barukh Sheamar

55_p98b_Ps_xcii.mp3 (Mizmor Shir Leyom Hashabbat)

Now turn back to page 19 in the Daily and Occasional Prayer Book, to continue the Pesukei Dezimra as on weekdays (but of course using the Shabbat chant).

Song of Moses
“Az Yashir Moshe” is sung by choir and congregation. It is perhaps the most famous S&P melody.
The Hazzan repeats the last line and continues to the next section.

   On Shabbat Beshallach the following is read by choir and congregation with the Torah cantillation.

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