Fast of Av: Arbit

The page numbers refer to the Prayer Book for Fasts edited by Isaac Leeser, originaly published in Philadelphia in 1867, and republished in London in 1965.
p114b_Ps_cxxxvii.mp3 (Al neharot bavel)
If the fast is on Motsae Shabbat:

Book of Lamentations

The first chapter of Megillat Eikha is customarily read by the rabbi or minister, and the last by the whole congregation together. The middle chapers are read by individual members of the kahal.
The recordings here follow the custom (ta’amim) of Tangiers.

Special kaddish for the Fast of Av:
Announcement (in English only) of the number of years that have passed since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.
The service concludes with the following passage.