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Our aims:

In many ways the SKA has been at the forefront of bringing kashrut to more Jews in the UK. For example its early collaboration with Allied Bakeries, one of the largest bread producers, has made it possible for observant Jews to find kosher bread in supermarkets around the country.

In addition to the high standard of kashrut there is an emphasis on food hygiene, so the Shomrim are not only supervising halachic details, but are making sure that food is prepared in ways that reflect modern standards.

The Sephardi Kashrut Authority welcomes caterers with kosher certification to their halls and synagogues.
The SKA is happy to work with others for the benefit of the whole Jewish community regardless of affiliation.

Director: Chaim Richman

Our Rabbinical Team:

Rabbi Joseph Dweck – Senior Rabbi of the S & P Sephardi community
Rabbi Israel Elia – Rabbi of Lauderdale Road synagogue
Dayan Yossi David – Consultant

The Sephardi Kashrut Authority (SKA) provides the highest levels of kashrut supervision on food products, catered events and restaurants. The mission of the SKA is to provide as many kosher options for the Jewish community as possible so that they may keep kosher with ease and enjoy a great variety of foods wherever life takes them.

The SKA regularly reviews possibilities for broadening its supervision to better serve the community.

The SKA is under the strict supervision of the Sephardi Beth Din led by Rosh Beth Din, Dayan Abraham David.
Dayan Yossi David is the head of the Beth Din’s kashrut division and personally oversees and directs all halakhic standards and requirements.

The SKA is a proud part of the S&P Sephardi Community’s service to its members and part of its contribution to the greater Jewish community of the UK.

Rabbi Joseph Dweck
Senior Rabbi


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Director: Chaim Richman
Email: [email protected]