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6/5/22 – Notice Regarding Ananas – removal of licence

SKA regrets to advise that Ananas at 119 The Broadway, Mill Hill, London, NW7 3TG is no longer under SKA supervision.

20/4/22 – Notice Regarding The District – removal of licence

SKA regrets to advise that The District at 119 Golders Green Rd, London, NW11 8HR is no longer under SKA supervision.

15/3/22 – McVities Announcement

SKA can now announce that the following products made by McVitie’s and sold in the UK are supervised kosher by another recognised authority when the batch code begins with the letter H. The letter H is to be found directly beneath the Best Before Date.

Digestives: The Original (250g is Pat Yisra’el)
Digestives: Lights
Rich Tea: Classic
Rich Tea: Lights
Hobnobs: Original

Dairy – Ḥalav Akum
Digestives: Milk Chocolate (200g is Pat Yisra’el)
Digestives: Milk Chocolate Lights
Digestives: Dark Chocolate (200g is Pat Yisra’el)
Hobnobs: Milk Chocolate (300g is Pat Yisra’el)
Hobnobs: Dark Chocolate

3/3/22 – Soft Cheese Announcement

Our Sages of blessed memory forbade the consumption of Gevinat Akum, cheese made by gentiles (Talmud Avoda Zara 29b). There is debate among the later halachic authorities as to whether this prohibition applies to soft cheeses (e.g. cream cheese, ricotta). The position of the SKA is that it does apply to soft cheeses, and we therefore discourage the consumption of such cheese when not made as Gevinat Yisra’el. This was addressed at length by the Rosh Va’ad Hakashrut, Dayan Yosef Ḥaim David, in his responsum on the subject published in Sivan 5780 (June 2020), and can be accessed below in the relevant blog post.

Per the responsum, the SKA also recognises its duty to inform the public as to which soft cheeses would comply with the lenient view in this matter. The SKA has conducted detailed research and has found that the following soft cheeses produced in European countries and distributed in the UK are approved by other kashrut authorities. We emphasise that the ultimate responsibility to partake of such products rests with the consumer and the relevant approving authorities.

The following products manufactured in France are approved by other authorities, provided they bear the following factory code: FR 27 190 001 CE
Boursin – Garlic & Herbs
Boursin – Black Pepper

The following products are approved by other authorities, provided they are manufactured in Germany. This is indicated by the letters DE on the factory code.
Philadelphia – Original
Philadelphia – Light
Philadelphia – Garlic & Herbs

23/2/22 – McCain Jacket Potatoes

SKA is delighted to announce that McCain Jacket Potatoes are now certified Kosher for Passover when bearing the SKA or SKA-P logo.

20/12/21 – Balady opens all over London

Fans of quality hummus and falafel will be delighted to hear that there are now three locations in London where you can get your fix and all under SKA! You’re never too far from the magic of Balady!
Temple Fortune – 756 Finchley Rd, London, NW11 7TH
Hatton Garden – 39-41 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7UY
High Barnet – 60 High Street, Chipping Barnet, EN5 5SJ

23/11/21 – Charlotte’s Sourdough joins SKA

One of London’s most popular micro-bakeries is now certified by SKA! Charlotte’s amazing range of sourdough bread, focaccia and crackers, as well as seasonal delights such as sourdough donuts are available to order by texting 07956 369102.

29/10/21 – Notice regarding Lulu’s Kitchen – removal of licence

SKA regrets to advise that Lulu’s Kitchen at 41 Wilmslow Rd, Cheadle Village, SK8 1DR is no longer under SKA supervision.

14/6/21 – Notice regarding Food Map Co – removal of licence

SKA regrets to advise that Food Map Co at 566 Cable St, Butcher Row, London, E1W 3HB is no longer under SKA supervision.

18/10/20 – Kasa Bar & Grill opens under SKA

Market Place finally has a kosher certified restaurant! Click here to watch Rabbi and Rabbanit Friedman of HGS Synagogue help inaugurate this new restaurant – from Norrice Lea TV, S2:Ep6.
For the menu, click here.

Phone: 020 3441 3527
Email: [email protected]
Address: 30 The Market Place, Falloden Way, London, NW11 6JJ

12/10/20 – New SKA Licensed Milky Restaurant and Bakery in Mill Hill

Ananas is the new and exciting restaurant and bakery in Mill Hill Broadway. This Middle Eastern menu is sure to get the mouth watering.

Phone: 020 8906 1132
Address: 119 The Broadway, Mill Hill, London, NW7 3TG

1/9/20 – Newly certified to-order bakery

From wedding cakes to Shabbat treats, Margalit’s Cakes and Desserts has something for everyone! All products are certified SKA, Afiyat Yisra’el and Kemaḥ Yashan.

10/08/20 The SKA is recruiting!

We are currently recruiting for a part-time Food Technologist and a part-time Mashgiach Co-ordinator. Click here for more details.

23/6/20 – Alert: McCain Sweet Potato Fries

McCain Sweet Potato Fries are no longer certified by SKA due to the product being made at a different facility which is unsupervised. McCain products in the UK are only kosher when bearing the SKA logo on the packet.

17/6/20 – The Status of Gentile Made Soft Cheese

In this article, Dayan Yossi David explores the question of whether soft cheeses such as cottage or ricotta are included in the general prohibition against gentile made cheese.
Click here for the full article.