HaggadahAlmost 25 years ago Lucien Gubbay and Rabbi Elia produced a beautiful double CD entitled ‘The Haggadah’ with accompanying booklet of explanations, commentaries and translations. The particular focus is of course on the tunes and traditions of the S&P which makes this offering so unique.

We have been able to digistise the CDs and the booklet.

The booklet can be read as an e-flip booklet but can also be printed for use at your seder. With grateful thanks to Lucien who inspired this project so many years ago. Wishing you all a Hag Pesah Sameah VeKasher and an enjoyable Leil HaSeder and we hope this will inspire you to get to know the Seder tunes of the Spanish & Portuguese tradition.

Please click on the links below to access the material. If you are planning to use that at your Pesah Seder, please remember to print beforehand.

To read:

e-Flip Book
Printable ‘PDF’ version

To listen to:

Haggadah Part 1:

Track 1 – Introductory Music

Track 2 – Introduction

Track 3 -Kiddush

Track 4 – Washing the Hands

Track 5 – This is the bread of our affliction

Track 6 – The Four Questions

Track 7 – The Four Sons

Track 8 – Religious History of the Jewish People

Track 9 – This Same Promise

Track 10 – The Ten Plagues

Track 11 – Dayenu

Track 12 – A Person’s Duty on Passover

Track 13 – Thanks and Praise, Wash Hands and the Meal


Haggadah Part 2:

Track 1 – Introductory Music

Track 2 – Grace After Meals

Track 3 – Praises and Supplications

Track 4 – The Young Loions

Track 5 – The Fourth Cup of Wine and Hallel

Track 6 – Psalm 117

Track 7 – Plasm 136

Track 8 – Nishmat

Track 9 – Concluding Passage

Track 10 – The Last Blessing

Track 11 – Concluding Music