Succot & Simhat Torah

The recordings on this page have not been split into individual files, and are rather large. They include all the special content for Succot, Shemini Atseret and Simhat Torah. (The numbers in the filenames refer not to pages, but to the original cassettes.)

This file includes all of Arbit from its opening with special psalms for Pesah and Shemini Atseret, a special elaborate Kaddish chant used on the first night of festivals, a chanted version of Hashkibenu, Kaddish sung by the choir, and Barechu by the hazzan.
This file opens with the “La Despedida” version of Kaddish and Barechu for the last days of festivals, various versions of Yigdal, Blessing for the Hatan Torah and Hatan Bereshit, Tehillat sung by the Hazzan, followed by Ps. 150 sung by the choir and congregation.

Hakafot for Shabbat
From p 113 “Om Netsura”

Hoshagnah Rabbah
Service for Hoshagna Rabbah
Sixth hakafa

Hakafot for Simhat Torah
The additions for the Evening Service on Simhat Torah includes the announcing of those carrying sefarim, psalms and hymns sung during the circuits, and returning the sefarim. Also the start of Kiddush for Succot.

Continuation of Evening Kiddush for Succot. Morning Service beginning with the special psalms, special Kaddish melodies, until Barechu.
Kedusha for Shemini Atseret
Torah Reading for Shemini Atseret
Prayer for Rain on Shemini Atseret