Sabbath Shaharit 1

Morning blessings
The first part of the Zemirot, starting with the morning blessings, employs a simple easy-to-learn chant distinctly different to the weekday chant.



Mourners say Kadish Al Yisrael here.
The zemirot continue with the same chant as before.

From this point in the Zemirot another chant is used. This chant repeats itself every two verses. The penultimate verse in each psalm is sung differently, inviting the congregation to sing the last verse, the end of which is then repeated by the reader.

44_p15c_Kel_Nekamot.mp3 (“The Lord is a God of vengeance!”)
46_p16b_Mizmor_Shir_Hanukat.mp3 (This first verse of the psalm that follows is said only in Hannukah.)
“Adonai Melech” (The Lord is King) is sung by the reader and repeated by the congregation. Sometimes a young boy with a pleasant voice is invited to sing it as a solo.

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