Sabbath Minha

Introductory passages
The introductory passages begin with “Lamnatseah al hagitit” followed by the korbanot.


Uva Letzion
Kaddish Le’ela is said by the hazzan

Torah reading

The congregation sings “Barukh Hamakom”, as in the morning. After the reading Kaddish is not said, but “Mizmor Shir Leyom hashabbat” follows immediately.
Kaddish and the silend Amidah are then said.

The Amidah is repeated in the same tune as used in the morning.

On days on which Takhanun would be recited if it were a weekday, Tzidkatekha is said here.

Kaddish Titkabal

Concluding passages
Kaddish yehe shelema

Passages from the following week’s reading

It is a custom unique to the S&P, that at the end of Shabbat Minha the first verses of the following week’s perasha and haftara are recited.
Introductory passage (same each week).
   Three verses from the next week’s perasha (example).
Dividing passage (same each week).
   Three verses from the next week’s haftara (example).
Concluding passages (same each week).
Kaddish is recited by mourners.