Kippur Shaharit 3

The continuation of the repetition of the Amidah, from the beginning of the intermediate blessing on page 121.

The hazzan now introduces the tune for Viduy (Confessional prayer).
Viduy of Rabbi Nissim. The choir respond at the end of each verse.
Ribono shel olam
Prayer by the hazzan
Continuation of Viduy
Al Het and Al Hataim
Adir Venaor is chanted by hazzan and congregation

The Amidah repetition continues with

Ya’aleh veyavo
The ark is now closed in preparation for Birkat Kohanim.

Birkat Kohanim

End of the Amidah repetition

Avinu Malkenu (omitted if it is Shabbat)

Kadish Le’ela

The selikhot are introduced by the following hymn


The Selichot continue as in the evening service.
The names of those performing mitzvot are then announced.

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