Kippur Musaph 3

The repetition continues with the Viduy of R. Shem Tov b. Ardutiel, page 181.


Note that a part of this hymn, most of page 185, is traditionally omitted in London, and the hazzan continues from “Re’eh ki ani anoos”, four lines from the bottom of the page.
Everyone says aloud:
The hazzan continues


Ashamnu is said silently.
Tha hazzan continues

Mi El Kamokha
The choir and congregation sing:
The hazzan continues

Continuation of the Amidah Repitition

The repetition continues in the normal High Holiday tune
The kohanim now bless the congregation, as during Shaharit.
Sim Shalom
Kaddish Le’ela


The hymn “Yisrael Avadekha” is sung as an introduction to the Selichot.
The Selihot themselves, on page 201, are exactly the same as before.
At the end Kaddish Le’ela is said, followed by Te’anu

The conclusion of the service
Kol Yisrael is the same as Shabbat
En Kelohenu is sung to the High Holidays tune “Yedey Rashim”
Adon Olam

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