Kippur Minha

Introductory passages

The service starts exactly the same way as on Shabbat untill kaddish, which ends with the high holidays ending.

Kaddish ending
The announcement of the allocation of the mitzvot is then made.

Opening of the Ark

El Erech Apayim
When the ark is opened, El Erech Apayim is sung instead of the usual Kohanecha.
Barukh hamakom

Torah reading

Three people are called up, and at the end of the reading Kaddish is not said.
The congregation recite the three verses “Mi El kamokha”
The after blessing is almiost identical to that said on Shabbat, with some variations.
Hashkavot are then said and the sefer is returned to the ark

Amidah repetition

Only the variants are recorded here.
Beney elyon on page 221
Anshey hesed
Kedusha is chanted in the tune of Ahot Ketana
Viduy if R Isaac ben Israel, page 225
Tzidkatecha is said if it is Shabbat
Kaddish le’ela


This time the introductory hymn to the Selihot is:
Yah Shema Evyonekha

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