Weekday Shahrit

Morning blessings 
The sections dealing with the Temple sacrifices, while included in the prayer book, are not read out loud on weekdays.


08_p17a_H_Melekh.mp3 (includes version for the Ten Penitential Days)

Baruch Sheamar to Yishtabakh 

On special weekdays such as Rosh Hodesh, Hol Hamoed and Hanukka, The Song of Moses is sung as on Shabbat; otherwise it is chanted as follows:

Kaddish and Barechu

Shemang and its blessings

Amidah (standing prayer)

In summer Barekhenu is said; in winter Barekh Alenu:
   On Rosh Hodesh, Yaaleh Veyavo is added here.
   On Purim and Hanukkah, Al Hanisim is added here.

Avinu Malkenu is said during the Ten Penitential Days.






The following psalm is read silently, with the head bowed on the left arm.


Kadeesh Le’ela

Torah reading (Mondays and Thursdays only)
The following is said before the Ark is opened.
On days when Tahanun is omitted, start here.
The following is said as the Ark is opened.

Ashrey to Uba Letzion Goel (every day)

Returning Torah to Ark (Mondays and Thursdays only)
The following is chanted as the Torah is returned to the Ark.

End of Shaharit
Psalm for Sunday
Psalm for Monday
Psalm for Tuesday
Psalm for Wednesday
Psalm for Thursday
Psalm for Friday
   On the Eve of Kippur:


   On the morning after Kippur:

En Kelohenu


Barechu and Alenu

Additional verses
The following verses are added after Alenu at various times throughout the year (this custom is unique to the S&P).
   On days when hashkaba is not said:
   From Rosh Hodesh Nissan until Pesah:
   From Lag Baomer until Shavuot:
   During the three weeks between the Fast of Tammuz and the Fast of Av:


   From Rosh Hodesh Adar until Purim:

The service concludes with Kadeesh Yehe Shelema said by mourners.
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