Shabbat Eve

Kabalat Shabbat
The service opens with the chanting by the congregation of Psalm 29, the last verse of which is repeated by the hazzan.
The mishnaic passage “Bameh madlikin” is chanted with a unique and beautiful chant
Lekha Dodi
The famous hymn “Lekha Dodi” is sung
At this point mourners say Kadish Derabbanan
Mizmor shir leyom hashabbat
Psalm 92 is sung
On most Sabbaths, Psalm 93 is also sung
   During the three weeks before the Fast of Av, Psalm 93 is chanted rather than sung.

Arbit for Shabbat
The hazzan repeats the last line of Psalm 93, followed by kaddish and barekhu.
Shemang and its blessings

Kaddish and Amidah
The following is said out loud by the congregation, and repeated by the hazzan.
The Amidah is then said silently.

At the end of the Amidah, hazzan and congregation say:

Magen avot
Kaddish Titkabal is said, followed by Psalm 23.
Kaddish Yehe Shelema, followed by Barekhu.
The service ends with this hymn chanted by the congregation to any of a variety of melodies. One is given here.

Blessing the children
Children who attend synagogue service with their parents may be blessed in the synagogue after the service. Otherwise the following blessings are said it home before Kiddush.
Kiddush for Friday night

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